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Appetizers And Sides

We offer a variety of dishes which would make a great side dish or appetizer. Select one of our products below for more information.

Appetizers And Sides
    Product Name 
 Crab Cakes   Crab Cakes 
 Lobster Cakes   Lobster Cakes 
 Maine Red Potatoes   Maine Red Potatoes 
 Stuffed Clams   Stuffed Clams 
 Sweet Maine Corn   Sweet Maine Corn 

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Start your party with one of our delicious seafood appetizer or shrimp appetizer selections. You will find stuffed clam, stuffed clam and lobster cake appetizers for you choose from. Give your party the gourmet flair with a seafood dish from us. We have the freshest entree seafood and seafood appetizer selections available.

Find our seafood appetizer and shrimp appetizer selections here. Experience our stuffed clam, stuffed clam and lobster cake appetizers today. Find a seafood dish here. Only FRESH entree seafood and seafood appetizer selections are found here.

We are the best source for you seafood appetizers in these major cities:

Birmingham, AL
Phoenix, AZ
Fresno, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Oakland, CA
Sacramento, CA
San Diego, CA
San Francisco, CA
Denver, CO
Hartford, CT
Washington, DC
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Jacksonville, FL
Miami, FL
St. Petersburg, FL
Tampa, FL

Atlanta, GA
Honolulu, HI
Chicago, IL
Indianapolis, IN
Des Moines, IA
Kansas City, KS
Louisville, KY
New Orleans, LA
Baltimore, MD
Boston, MA
Detroit, MI
Minneapolis, MN
Kansas City, MO
St. Louis, MO
Omaha, NE
Las Vegas, NV

Newark, NJ
Trenton, NJ
Albuquerque, NM
Buffalo, NY
New York , NY
Syracuse, NY
Charlotte, NC
Akron, OH
Cincinnati, OH
Cleveland, OH
Columbus, OH
Oklahoma City, OK
Portland, OR
Philadelphia, PA
Pittsburgh, PA

Providence, RI
Charleston, SC
Memphis, TN
Nashville, TN
Austin, TX
Dallas, TX
Fort Worth, TX
San Antonio, TX
Salt Lake City, UT
Norfolk, VA
Richmond, VA
Seattle, WA
Spokane, WA
Charleston, WV
Milwaukee, WI